"A welcoming environment with a patient and non-judgemental instructor ❤️. I had such wonderful bonding moments w my 3yo doing art together, getting him to choose the colours, curious of the outcome... 👍" ~ Perlin Wong ACRYLIC POURING WORKSHOP

"I recently had a resin pour workshop with Mariam and she was friendly and helpful with the entire process. It was really pleasant and enjoyable. :) " ~ Casey Menelrandir RESIN A5 PLANNER WORKSHOP

"I attended Mariam's workshop and it was so fun to do. She was also very friendly. It was a great experience! " ~ Audrey Gwee ACRYLIC POURING WORKSHOP

"I had an enjoyable time learning about resins, pigments, mixing, pouring techniques etc from Ms. Mariam. It was the first time that I am making art with this media and will definitely explore this media further. She is very patient and explains well as she demos. She also shares her experiences working with the media so that I will not repeat the same mistakes as her. I got to make an A5 planner cover out of multi-pigmented resin and the patterning is achieved with pouring techniques." ~ Maria Low RESIN A5 PLANNER WORKSHOP

"Love all the designs by I'm Marbled by Mariam Hassan and that was why I sent a request to the designer when I was looking for a unique passport cover. The designer was very patient and knowledgeable, advising me all the possible methods to accommodate my request. I totally love my customised and personalised passport cover and am looking forward to more beautiful creations! " ~ Cryssa Toe CUSTOMISED PASSPORT INSERT

"My children and I had a wonderful time during the session. Mariam was very patient and accommodative and we learnt to create our very own customised jewellery and artwork. She was very generous in sharing her knowledge. Definitely a place to consider for some creative work or bonding with friends and family! "~ Woon Weili ACRYLIC POURING WORKSHOP

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